Timing Component Kit - 3SGTE

If you are planning to install your 3SGTE yourself, pick up PRIME's 3SGTE timing component kit! We offer a package for a Gen2, Gen3, Gen4, or Gen5 3SGTE engines. These are not generic kits but assembled here at PRIME for a complete kit for your 3SGTE.

Included in this kit are the following parts:
  • Water pump and gasket (OEM)
  • Timing belt - (OEM for Gen3/4/5, aftermarket for Gen2)
  • Timing belt tensioner (OEM)
  • Upper timing idler (aftermarket for Gen2 and Gen3, OEM for Gen4/Gen5)
  • Lower timing idler (aftermarket)
  • Oil pump o-ring and seal (OEM)
  • Thermostat and gasket (OEM)
  • Crankshaft seal front (OEM)
  • Camshaft Seals (OEM)

NOTE: Picture above shows kit for Gen2 3SGTE. Your kit will fit your selected engine below.