Low Rise Quad Headlamp Conversion - SW20 MR2

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The Revision6 Low Rise Quad Headlamp Conversion is a complete bolt on replacement kit for the stock Toyota headlamps. It comprises two focused low beam lamps, two high beam lamps, a complete new headlamp assembly powder coated black to match the stock bracket, new cam and lifting arms and a streamlined plastic shroud, along with all fixings, fittings and electrical connectors.The lamps are Hella 90mm DOT approved units. The Halogen headlamps use high output H9 bulbs which makes 2100 lumens compared with 1650/1000 Lumens for an H4. The Low Beam is a projector lamp and the High Beam is of Free Form Construction.
These kits are not approved by the NHTSA and are sold for off road use only.
Each lamp includes an H9 bulb and adjuster screws.

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