Ceramic Soap

Ceramic Soap

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Our Ceramic Soap is some awesome stuff! This product is infused with advanced si02. This product will clean your dirty vehicle like a soap would but with the added plus of leaving behind a thin invisible film of tough ceramic protection that lasts up to 4 months! You'll notice the water will start to bead and sheet off every place the soap touched. A personal favorite for me was using this on a vehicle that had no protection what so ever. I washed the vehicle as I would have in a hand wash and once I was done I started to rinse off the soap and I could immediately see the difference in water behavior!

This ceramic soap is safe on ceramic coated vehicles as well as non-coated vehicles.

Directions: Add 2-3oz into a 5 gallon bucket for thick foaming suds. pH neutral formula. Add to a foam cannon for thicker foam!

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