CAR GIVEAWAY #5 is Live ❗
And this time there'll be 3 WINNERS! 🥇 🥈 🥉
✅ 1st place WINS the CAR. 🚗 
✅ 2nd place WINS a $1,000 💰 shopping spree on our website
✅ 3rd place WINS a $500 💵 shopping spree on our website
That’s right. 3 WINNERS! Which means YOUR odds of WINNING just TRIPLED. 🎲

Every $5 you spend will give you 1 Automatic Entry. Our sweepstakes are 100% legal and licensed in all 48 contiguous US states and Canada. This is not a raffle, lottery, etc. but rather a legal sweepstakes and requires no purchase to participate. This Giveaway ends Sunday, April 29th @ 11:59pm (EST). The winner could be you!

Want more proof? Check out our past winners here: PREVIOUS GIVEAWAYS 

Rules and Conditions

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