Gloss Dressing 16oz

Gloss Dressing 16oz

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Gloss dressing is a water based with a very unique long lasting formula making it safe to use on engine bay plastics as well as interior and exterior plastic, vinyl, rubber and trim surfaces. 

Your desired finish can be applied. For example if you are looking for a deep black finish with little to no gloss simply spray less product and spray directly onto the towel. 

If a higher gloss is desired use spray on more product, you can always add additional layers as well as on tire's when using this as a tire shine.

Directions for INTERIOR USE: Professional detailers love having Gloss Dressing in their arsenal. It has so many uses! You can use this on your dash of course, door panels, rubber trim, any and all plastics, even rubber floor mats, but also on leather to give it an added beautiful shine! 

Directions for EXTERIOR USE: Use this to restore faded trim on the exterior. This can also be used on tires as a tire shine that won't sling all over your paint! For more gloss add multiple layers! 

Ready to use Formula

Color: Blue

Fragrance: Fresh

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